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Cloud-based & Self-Hosted Recruitment and CRM solution

What is iTechPioneer?

iTechPioneer is a cloud-based & Self-Hosted Recruitment and CRM solution supporting staffing and consulting companies from start up's to enterprise level customers.


Benefit of iTechPioneer?

Absolutely. Sourcing and management of candidates, clients and pipeline is quick and effective. Recruiters enjoy using the simple and intuitive iTechPioneer.


Why iTechPioneer?

iTechPioneer is a great solution for businesses looking for more than just a typical automated software. It offers end-to-end integrated solution and automates your full business process and build your business content in one place and accessible at one click.

Cloud-based & Self-Hosted Recruitment and CRM solution


iTechPioneer Recruiting and Staffing Software is designed to maximize the efficiency and output of recruiting and staffing companies. With this intuitive system, agencies can manage Clients, Requirements, Submissions, Contacts, Vendors, Sub Contracts, Employee, Time Card, Bills, Employee Payroll, Invoices, Receipts, Payments and track candidates and fill open positions faster. The system grows with you as your business grows, keeping your organization nimble and focused on outperforming competitors.

With its business intelligence platform, iTechPioneer Recruiting and Staffing Software provides the data and insights senior and mid-level management need to make the right business decisions. The software is highly configurable, allowing you to lay out screens according to your role and modify user interfaces. The software is Web-based and paid for monthly based on number of users. iTechPioneer can also be hosted in your secure existing environment and integrate with your existing business management systems.

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